The security warning dialog

If you wish to use the Copy to clipboard and Plot file features added in SpectraSchool2 you will need to give the SpectraGraph graphing tool extra permissions. This is because it needs to have access to files on your computer, and normally Java applets do not have permission to do this. The first time you visit the spectra section you will see a dialog similar to the one below:

Security dialog

The Certifcate Authority issuing the certifcate has verified that Presenting Science is a bona fide organisation and this dialog demonstrates that the SpectraGraph graphing tool has not been tampered with since it was digitally 'signed' by Presenting Science. Nevertheless, you may choose not to trust Presenting Science, in which case press Cancel and SpectraSchool will continue to function normally except that the two features mentioned above will not work. If you press Run the features will be enabled, and if you choose to leave 'Always trust content from this publisher' checked then you will not be shown the dialog on subsequent visits.