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Here you have the opportunity to look at and compare real spectra of compounds by zooming, overlaying them and pasting them to other documents. Choose between the spectra of a set of basic molecules are some more advanced and complicated molecules.

There is also the option to view interactive spectra which require you to link the functional group/section of each molecule with the corresponding part of the NMR, UV/Vis, IR or Mass spectra. More compound spectra and additional HTML 5 interactivity will be added later in the year.

SpectraSchool is optimized for the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (be sure Compatibility View mode is off).

The Royal Society of Chemistry would like to thank the University of Leicester who have helped shape and develop the SpectraSchool website since its launch, providing excellent technical support. Many of the spectra shown here were both recorded and assigned at the University of Leicester.